Remote Support

Get immediate assistance from our expert technician

Here’s how it works

Downtown Computer uses TeamViewer*, a program that allows our support staff to remotely access and control your computer. We can start working on your issues instantly, and everything we do on your computer is completely visible to you on the other end.

Step 1: Schedule your support session

Call us at (218) 733-0400 to organize a technician for your remote support session. Our technician can help guide you through the process.

Step 2: Download TeamViewer

Click here to download TeamViewer. Run the program, then read and accept the disclaimer box when it appears.

Step 3: Provide your login credentials

Get our technician on the phone and provide your ID and password to enable remote access to your computer.

* The program is 100% safe. If you feel that your personal information is being accessed without permission, you can terminate the remote connection at any time by clicking the X button on the top-right corner of the program.