Surveillance Solutions

Watch your people, property, and profits closely

Whether you manage a small office or a large enterprise, keeping your assets and personnel safe is a key priority. The surest way to achieve this is with a state-of-the-art surveillance system that monitors every area of your facility, deters break-ins and theft, and catches wrongdoers in the act.

Downtown Computer works with leading manufacturers to give you access to the most advanced IP cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRS), and surveillance management systems on the market. We can also help you with the procurement, design, installation, and maintenance of your surveillance equipment with minimal disruptions to your business.

With Surveillance Solutions from Downtown Computer, you get:

  • HD cameras - perfect for any location and optimized for all types of lighting
  • State-of-the-art software - that gives you remote access to live video and recorded footage via the internet
  • Technical support - to keep your hardware and software operational at all times

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Create a comprehensive data backup plan to keep your business safe from unexpected disasters.

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Cloud Solutions

Improve collaboration and enhance productivity with our cloud-powered applications.

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Compliance Security Assessments

Ensure your business is compliant with all industry regulations and standards.

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We’ll host all your business applications so you don’t have to create, manage, and maintain your own datacenter.

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Surveillance that scales with your needs

Our surveillance systems aren’t just great for deterring criminal activity, they’re also affordable, quick to set up, and easy to expand. This allows you to deploy as many cameras as you need and keep a close eye on your business
no matter how much it grows.