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About Us

Real people with real solutions

At Downtown Computer, we don't just sell computers, we help you find solutions. Just tell us what you're looking for or what you’re going to use it for and we will get the perfect system ready for you. Our goal is to care for the clients who have put their trust in us and to give them the best customer experience possible.

Proudly serving Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota since 1996

Over the years we have developed methods of supporting our customers, allowing them to perform their tasks more efficiently at lower cost. With Downtown Computer by your side, you can leverage our technology experience to increase your company’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Professional services with a personal touch

Our team of experts, with their years of IT experience and natural flair for understanding business objectives, are here to relieve your technology headaches, so you can get back to running your company. You can always count on our professional services and friendly staff for all your technology needs.