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Compliance and Security Assessments

Protect your mission-critical files from security threats.

With the combination of increasing risks from cyber threats and government regulation of data security, protecting your company’s sensitive information is becoming more difficult by the day. Before you start implementing security protocols, you need to assess the threats to your organization.

Compliance and Security Assessment services from Downtown Computer will identify areas of weakness and potential danger spots specific to your company’s IT systems. With years of experience in security and compliance services, we can ensure your business is compliant with all industry regulations and standards.

We perform the following assessments to ensure your business operates smoothly, and legally:

  • DFARS assessments - meet data security benchmarks in order to stay in compliance
  • HIPAA assessments - keep your healthcare facility safe from compliance violations and liabilities
  • Security assessments - put your current security system to the test to determine whether your network is up to par
  • Penetration testing - our tests employ the same methods as hackers to make sure you’re ready for anything

Cloud Solutions

Improve collaboration and enhance productivity with our cloud-powered applications.

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We’ll host all your business applications so you don’t have to create, manage, and maintain your own datacenter.

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Access your files by logging in from any device -- we can host your desktops for a fixed monthly fee.

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Computer Support

The simplest and most affordable way to keep your computers and network in top form.

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Be ready for your next compliance audit

Security and regulatory obligations are becoming more complex. Trying to handle just one of them is already a challenge, let alone both simultaneously. Let the experts at Downtown Computer handle your compliance issues and paperwork, so you can focus on running your business.