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Structured Data Cabling

Build a strong foundation for your network
Minnesota Technology Systems Contractor Licence# TS714563

Data cabling is complicated and can lead to slow connections and increased downtime if you don’t do it right. So whether you’re installing a new server or moving office, your data cabling projects should always be managed by a team of specialists.

No matter how complex your network, you can trust Downtown Computer to design and deploy a structured data/voice/video cabling system that delivers fast and reliable performance, and is tidy and organized to prevent tripping hazards and to make it easier to manage your network.

Our detail-oriented project managers also facilitate new construction projects such as installing door access systems and setting up data and voice cabling for surveillance systems. In short, we bring IT to life during new constructions or office relocations.

Downtown Computer’s data cabling services guarantee:

  • Speedy installations - thanks to our comprehensive plans and expert team
  • Lightning-fast connections - using Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, and fiber optic cables
  • Reduced risk of downtime - since we quickly identify and rectify cabling issues
  • Thorough wiring management - to keep server rooms tidy and cables in good condition

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Create a comprehensive data backup plan to keep your business safe from unexpected disasters.

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Cloud Solution

Improve collaboration and enhance productivity with our cloud-powered applications.

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Compliance and Security Assessments

Ensure your business is compliant with all industry regulations and standards.

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We’ll host all your business applications so you don’t have to create, manage, and maintain your own datacenter.

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Connect your business to new opportunities

Structured cabling solutions from Downtown Computer allow you to enjoy crystal clear calls, high definition videos, and faster download speeds, which wire your business for success.