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Home User

Keep your home Desktop or Laptop running with upgrades, repairs, and advice from our skilled technicians.


We’ve been proudly providing repairs for home user computers for more than 22 years. If your computer is broken, we can fix it.


Is your device starting run more slowly than usual? We can help keep your older PC or Mac in working order with cost effective upgrades and updates.

Data Recovery

Just because your computer breaks down doesn’t mean you need to start over! We offer a full spectrum of data restoration services to recover your valuable documents and pictures.


Have you been the victim or a virus, scam, or malware attack? We can get you back to work with a system cleanup, and give you the tools you need to avoid future security issues.

Computer Sales

Drop in or make an appointment and one of our helpful staff can find the desktop or laptop that’s right for you. We can even custom build a device to your specifications!

Home Service

Not able to come see us? We can bring all our services to you! Our technicians are available for deliveries and house calls all across the Northland!