Support for MSPs

We help managed services providers to manage their clients and workflow.

As an MSP ourselves, we know how much pressure businesses like ours are under to provide the best possible services to clients. We set out to give our very best, but often clients may not understand the huge range of skill sets and expertise that Managed Services Providers need to have across a range of platforms.


Here’s how Downtown Computer can help:

  • With design, quoting and planning and implementation of complex projects.
  • First time doing a task? Virtualizing servers, replacing MPLS networks?
    We are here to help.
  • Feel in over your head or want a third party opinion? We can step in.
  • Need more hands on deck? Some jobs take more work than you first anticipated, so we're ready to support you.


Achieve your non-profit organization’s goals in an affordable and efficient way.

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Get customized IT solutions that allow you to maintain the highest patient care standards.

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Streamline your manufacturing processes and stay ahead of the competition.

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Your trusted partner in technology

You can trust the experts at Downtown Computer. We’re not here to compete with you or take your clients, we are here to support you. We even sign a NDA agreement and Non-Compete contract for your peace of mind!